Who am I?

Who am I?
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Who am I?

My present life began on 16th of october 1966 um 2:04 am in Ettelbruck (Luxemburg).

As child and adolescent, my visual impairment caused a lot of problems to me until I noticed, that I could see in a different way.

The death of my best friend at the age of 22 lead me to reed esoterical books. They changed my view of the world, but brought no enlightment to me

On the evening of september 17th 1999, I was almost hit by a crazy driver. I fell down on the pavement and lost consciousness. Only after a few days, I noticed I had lost one our, and that during this time, I must have had contact with my higher self. I knew that I had to change something in my life.

First, I participated in workshops on psychological astrology held by Beatrice Didong. I started to understand my inner and outer world better, but I still had the feeling of missing pieces in the puzzle.

At Beatrice's, I than saw a book called: Maskenball der Seele. It is a book on Life regression, and reeding it, I knew immediatly: "This is my next step." He led me to learning this technique with Mathias Wendel, so I could help other people on their way. It also made me change my job, a thing I would never have done before.

During my training with Mathias, I had the chance to come in touch with my spritual guide. I asked about my visuial impairment, and the chance of seeing normally some day. But I was told, that my vision should go to the inner world (Soul), not to the outer world. I also should use my hands as eyes.

I had begun to work with the soul. But how could I make eyes out of my hands?

Suddenly, I thought of Reiki. I found a nice and wonderful teacher in the person of Tom Friedrich . His realistic but warm manner of teaching and practicing was what I had been looking for. He also brought me to Tadao Yamaguchi und Frank Arjava Petter where I than learned Jikiden Reiki (original Japanese Reiki), as it was taught and practiced by Mikao Usui Sensei since 1922.

Western Reiki started the transformation of my hands into eyes, whereas Jikiden perfected this transformation..

In may 2007, I was granted the degree of Shihan-Kaku (assistant teacher) in Jikiden Reiki, and it will be an honour for me to share my knowledge with you.

During the last years, life has offered me a lot; my wive and children give me a lot of opportunities to practice Reiki, and in general I noticed that it is worth working hard on oneself.

To be continued....... Why not with you?