Jikiden Reiki workshop

What is Reiki?
The Reiki method
The treatment
Learning Reiki
Who am I?

For the moment, I am Shihan-Kaku bin (Assistant teacher), which lets me teach you in Shoden (first degree).

This degree gives you the possibility to treat the body.

Okuden (second degree) adds mental and distant healing capabilities.

The Shoden workshop:

The workshop takes place on two consecutive days from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

It includes a.o.:

The price of the Shoden workshop is 250 Euro. This includes coffeebrakes and documents. At the end, you will get a certificate in English. Two or three weeks after, you get a certificate in Japanese, attuned by me.

The number of participants is minimum two persons.

Please contact me for further information.