What is Jikiden Reiki?

What is Reiki?
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The Japanese word "Reiki" can be translated by "universal energy or soul energy". It is the vital-energy, which is all around us.

Jikiden Reiki means: "Reiki - direct teaching." It is the original method taught and practiced by Mikao Usui Sensei and later by Dr. Hayashi Sensei.

After World War II, Reiki teaching and practicing was forbidden in Japan and many other countries, and was nearly forgotten. Thanks to the Yamaguchi family and the work of the German author Frank Arjava Petter, we have today the opportunity to learn it again.

Compared to "western style" Reiki, it's practice is much simpler, without the addition of mysterious techniques, created by a lot of teachers. To me, it's action seems a bit more intense than that of the "western style", which may be due to the influence of traditional Chinese medicine, added by Dr. Hayashi Sensei.

But both methods work fine, and that's the reason, why I still teach both of them.

Practicing Reiki is the most natural thing in the world:

All this is practicing Reiki. It's effect:

The reason why we need Reiju (attunement) is very simple: People block the free flow of energy through their fears, negative experiences and education. The Reiju cleans the Reiki channel, and as a result, the flow of energy gets strong, which allows you to give universal energy to others without weakening yourself.

The field for applying Reiki is vast:

But keep in mind: Reiki must never replace a medical or medicational treatment. It can always be used as a complement. Also a Reiki practitioner must never make a healing promise!

The Reiki method.